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Inclusive Student Organizations

Student organizations at TCNJ reflect the inherent diversity of our community. As such, they are constantly expanding and changing. The following is an extensive but not exhaustive list of inclusive student organizations at TCNJ.

Culture & Identity

Asian American Association

Asian American Association is a multicultural identity org that aims to spread awareness and share Asian culture through food, games, crafts, discussions, and more. We celebrate all of the vast cultures that stem from all of Asia and welcome everyone to our safe space. We welcome every race and ethnicity and would love for people to join and participate in events with us!

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Association of Students for Africa

The Association of Students for Africa is an organization whose aim is to increase the awareness of the African culture, diversity, and its people among the entire student and faculty at The College of New Jersey. This organization will serve as a community for students/faculty from Africa, interested in and connected to Africa.

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Barkada in Tagalog translates to “a group of friends.” As the name suggests, we strive to create a sense of friendship and family among our members and with other organizations within and outside TCNJ. Barkada focuses largely on Filipino culture and heritage through cultural, social, and community activities; in doing so, we invite everyone to participate and learn more about Filipino culture.

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Black Student Union

Black Student Union logo

Our mission, henceforth, shall be to aid in the growth of students of the African Diaspora into agents that are culturally, socially, intellectually, and psychologically equipped with the instruments necessary to promote positive change and engagement within both The College of New Jersey and the greater New Jersey community.

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Chinese Student Association

Chinese Student Association logo

To provide students with the opportunity to learn and socialize with others; and in the process, raise awareness of Chinese and Asian-American culture. Our goal is to increase diversity at the College of New Jersey through events and performances that display various aspects of Chinese culture.

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Haitian Student Association

Haitian Student Association logo

HSA’s goal is simply to celebrate Haitian culture and inform individuals who do not know much about the culture.

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Indian Student Association

Indian Student Association logo

The purpose of the Indian Student Association (ISA) is to educate and promote awareness of the Indian culture on the TCNJ campus through various events.

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Japanese Student Association

TCNJ JSA strives to promote a better understanding of the Japanese and Asian American culture among the student body. We aim to provide an open and safe atmosphere for students to interact and learn with others who share an interest in the culture.

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Kinkz & Coilz

The mission of Kinkz & Coilz is to establish a safe space for people to unite, while embracing their natural hair and combating negative stigmas surrounding the natural hair experience. We aim to educate the campus community about different hair textures, hair maintenance tips, and the historical significance of different hairstyles. Our organization is a space created in celebration of diversity in hair textures and origins. We advocate for the overlooked beauty of natural hair, while promoting the empowerment of people in all stages of their natural hair journey.

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Korean Student Association

Korean Student Association’s mission is to promote awareness about the Korean community and show what Korean culture has to offer. We advocate for diversity and welcome all students from all cultures to join us and participate in group activities.

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TCNJ MannMukti is a branch of the larger nonprofit organization, MannMukti. The mission of this organization is to encourage healthy, open dialogue of South Asian mental health issues in an effort to remove stigma, improve awareness and promote self-care..


Mexican Student Association

Mexican Student Association is a safe space on campus for people of all different types of ethnic backgrounds. Although intended for the Mexican community, everyone is welcomed. Our mission is to educate the campus community on our culture and traditions. We carry out our mission through different types of interactive activities such as bingo, finish the lyrics, ice breakers, and more. Additionally, we put on events for Mexican holidays and occasionally have cultural foods.


Middle Eastern/North African Association

The purpose of the MENA Association is to create the incentive to study and learn about Middle Eastern and North African cultures. This Association is intended to provide a broader lens and worldview around MENA cultures and break down the stereotypes surrounding MENA cultures.


Muslim Student Association

Muslim Student Association logo

To educate the population of TCNJ about Islam and Muslim cultures through weekly meetings, events, and activities.

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PRISM: Queer-Straight Alliance

PRISM: Queer-Straight Alliance logo

PRISM is TCNJ’s oldest gender and sexuality alliance. We provide LGBTQIA+-identified individuals with a safe place to meet, talk, and learn and hold regular meetings and campus-wide events.

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TCNJ Hellenic Society: Greek

TCNJ Hellenic Society

The purpose of this group is to bring Greeks and Non-Greeks on campus together and to share and celebrate the Greek culture with the campus community.

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Union Latina

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote unity within the Latine student body as well as within the campus population of The College of New Jersey. Unión Latina shall promote its message with educational, social and political programs that will be arranged by its members. Along with this purpose, we agree to promote peace, attempt to establish an understanding of the Latine culture and extend open arms to all students, faculty and staff of all ethnic backgrounds. Overall, we the members of Unión Latina will always attempt to encourage the dreams, goals and mission of the organization to the best of our ability.

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Vietnamese Student Association

The purpose of the Vietnamese Student Association is to promote valuable characteristics of Vietnamese culture. Through informative meetings, trips, food, crafts, and a multitude of other creative possibilities left to the discretion of the Executive Board, this purpose will be fulfilled by fostering an environment celebrating the plethora of and diverse aspects of Vietnamese culture, that will be open to support from members of all backgrounds.

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Dance & Music



The Dragonflies dance troupe promotes cultural Chinese dance by showcasing it at various performances throughout the year.

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KOHESION Dance Company is a K-POP dance cover group made of students at TCNJ that celebrates unity in diversity through the members’ shared appreciation for Korean pop, also known as K-POP. KOHESION serves to foster a niche and tightly-knit family of dancers.

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Synergy Dance Company

Synergy Dance Company logo

We practice a variety of genres of dance including ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, and hip-hop. In the fall semester, we work on strengthening, technique, and learning combinations. In the spring semester, we work on choreographing dances for our annual Spring Spectacular. Members of the company have the opportunity to choreograph their dances and have them performed in our show.​

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TCNJ’s iTunes A Cappella

TCNJ’s iTunes A Cappella logo

This multicultural student A Cappella group will represent the diversity of the TCNJ student body through the various types of cultural music being presented. The goal of TCNJ i-Tunes (International Tunes) is to expand the community’s knowledge of different cultures and to showcase the students’ talent through song performance.

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TCNJ Jiva logo

The purpose of TCNJ Jiva is to preserve and perpetuate the traditional art form of classical Indian dance. We feature different dance styles and blend together the best features of all the styles. We perform at different multicultural events on campus.

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TCNJ Saathiya

TCNJ Saathiya logo

Saathiya is a competitive co-ed South Asian Bollywood fusion dance team. South Asian countries are well known for their unique and cultural folk dance forms. Some of them include Bhangra, Bharatanatyam, Garba, Kathak, Kuthu, Raas, and other popular Bollywood dances in the media. Our mission is to incorporate these South Asian dance styles with Western styles such as hip hop and contemporary to showcase the South Asian-American experience and culture at TCNJ and other college campuses.

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TCNJ Sher Bhangra

TCNJ Sher Bhangra logo

We pride ourselves on not only being the only Bhangra Team locally but as a Team With A Purpose. What is Bhangra? Bhangra is a folk dance from North India. It features festive dancing with colorful clothes and decorated props that exhibits fun and festive lifestyles.

Differing Abilities

Best Buddies

Best Buddies is an organization that fosters friendships between those with and without disabilities here on campus. They work to promote inclusion and make the world a kinder place. They also work closely with BBNJ to make the Friendship Walk possible each year.

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Breaking Down Barriers

As TCNJ’s general disability advocacy organization, we play an active role in the broader campus community. We inform students and staff on issues faced by the disabled community, and advocate for better accessibility in the classroom and beyond.

We uphold a safe space for students to talk about disability, with the ultimate goal of removing the stigma around the topic and facilitating dialogue between TCNJ students with and without disabilities. Students are encouraged to participate in any way they can, regardless of their experiences with disability (or lack thereof). We have an open-door policy for general board meetings, and require a higher level of commitment from students who sign up to participate in an event (e.g. speaking at a panel).

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Deaf Hearing Connection


The Deaf-Hearing Connection (DHC) is a student-run organization funded by the Student Finance Board (SFB), that is open to all undergraduate-level students at The College of New Jersey. Although the majority of members are majors in the Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing program within the Special Education, Language and Literacy Department and minors in Deaf Studies, it also attracts other students who are interested in the mission of the club, which is to acquire a greater appreciation for Deaf culture through first-hand experiences. The mission also focuses on outreach to the Deaf community through an array of service opportunities.

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TCNJ National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association

TCNJ National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association logo

The National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA) is a pre-professional association for students interested in communication science and its related disorders.



Spanish Club

Spanish Club logo

Spanish Club celebrates the Spanish language and diverse cultures from Spain and Latin America. We offer volunteer opportunities, academic lectures, film screenings, cultural events, and trips.

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Martial Arts

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Mixed Martial Arts

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Mixed Martial Arts logo

We’re the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts Club of The College of New Jersey! We’re open to all types of fighters of all different skill levels. We encourage anyone to come out if they’re interested in learning how to fight, how to defend themselves, or just getting a solid workout.

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TCNJ Kokikai Aikido Club

TCNJ Kokikai Aikido Club logo

Aikido Kokikai is a way to develop greater inner peace, unify your mind and body, help you to be more calm and relaxed, realize your full potential, and enjoy life to the fullest. It just happens to be disguised as a martial art.

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TCNJ Taekwondo


Taekwondo club promotes the learning and understanding of Korean culture and martial arts.

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Multicultural Greek Life

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Alpha Kappa Alpha

Founded by African-American women “to cultivate and encourage high scholastic and ethical standards, to promote unity and friendship among college women, to study and help alleviate problems concerning girls and women to improve their social stature, to maintain a progressive interest in college life, and to be of ‘Service to All Mankind.'”

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Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.


Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. develops leaders, promotes brotherhood and academic excellence, while providing service and advocacy for our communities.


Chi Upsilon Sigma Latin Sorority, Inc.

Image result for chi upsilon sigma

Founded as an education and service-based cultural sorority, we strive to promote a positive image of the community of color, particularly Latinx.

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Delta Sigma Theta Sorority

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority logo

The Iota Beta Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated was founded on the campus of Trenton State College, in 1971. Predominantly African-American women but membership are open to all.

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Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc.

Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority's logo.

Founded in 1981, our sisters lead by example as leaders of the campus community, the surrounding community, and the Latino communities. Our sisters are compassionate, donating their precious time to those who are in need, and honoring the importance of community service that our founding mothers established.

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Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc.

The Gamma Chapter at Trenton State College has been exemplary in promoting and practicing the ideals of Lambda Theta Phi. The fraternity’s ideals are a brotherhood, Latin unity, pride in our own cultures, respect for all cultures, scholarship, and addressing the needs of our Latino community.

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Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc.

La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc. (ΛΥΛ or LUL) is a Latino-based collegiate fraternity. It was founded at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York on February 19, 1982. La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Incorporated is the only Latino fraternity to be chartered at all eight Ivy League universities. While founded on Latino principles, Lambda Upsilon Lambda has been open to men of all races since its inception.


Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity

Image result for sigma lambda beta crest

Based upon our fundamentals of fairness, opportunity, and equality the Brothers of the Fraternity strive to better ourselves and the rest of society. We are open to any race, culture, or ethnicity and pride ourselves on becoming the largest Latino Based Fraternity with a multicultural emphasis.

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Sigma Lambda Gamma

Sigma Lambda Gamma logo

Sigma Lambda Gamma is the largest, historically Latina-based national sorority with a multicultural membership in chapters and alumnae associations throughout the United States – from Arizona to Wyoming; Florida to Minnesota; New York to Texas; and many more states between the coasts of California and Rhode Island

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Sigma Sigma Rho Sorority, Inc.

Sigma Sigma Rho Sorority, Inc. provides service within the South Asian community on campus, while promoting and enriching the appreciation of the morals and pillars that the organization is founded on. We develop women of strength and leadership through active participation within our respective communities, and through it, strengthen those traits of conduct, thought, and idealism which characterize the responsible members of this organization. Our goal is to provide a meaningful and worthwhile academic and social experience for all engaged in collegiate work, and to cooperate with other organizations and societies in every manner consistent with our mutual purposes and those of the institutions at which chapters are located.

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Unified Greek Council

The purpose of The Unified Greek Council is to create a foundation of resources for chapters of the council to ensure high academics, community service and development of campus leaders at The College of New Jersey. The mission of The Unified Greek Council is to promote unity among cultural-based Greek organizations and enhance cultural awareness within the campus community through the encouragement of community service, the support for high academic standards, and the development of campus and community leaders.

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National Associations & Societies

Association of Latino Professionals for America

ALPFA TCNJ aims to help prepare students to succeed in Corporate America. We offer exclusive networking events with Fortune 500 companies, job preparation sessions, and fun social events for the TCNJ campus community!

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National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

The mission of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination. The vision of the NAACP is to ensure a society in which all individuals have equal rights without discrimination based on race. In order to carry out our mission we host meetings and events in order to educate our campus community about important issues and injustice and encourage activism.


National Association of Black Accountants

National Association of Black Accountants logo

NABA is a business professional organization on campus for TCNJ students. The mission of NABA is to address the professional needs of its members and to build leaders that shape the future of the accounting and finance profession with an unfaltering commitment to inspire the same in their successors. We help build interview skills, professional development, host internship workshops and resume building workshops.


National Society of Black Engineers

National Society of Black Engineers logo

It is our goal to diversify the field of engineering, business, and technology to enhance the spectrum of ideas and imagination by striving to increase the number of minority students striving for professional career opportunities at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.


Religious & Spiritual

Catholic Campus Ministry

Catholic Campus Ministry logo

The mission of the Catholic Campus Ministry at The College of New Jersey is to meet the many spiritual needs of the students, faculty, and staff through various religious programs, services, and activities. CCM aims to bring the message of the Gospel and the Catholic faith to the community.

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Circle of Compassion

Circle of Compassion logo

Our mission is to promote a cooperative effort to restore compassionate thinking and compassionate action to the center of religious, moral, and political life. The core of the Charter is the Golden Rule, to do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

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Chabad: “Jewish-Home-Away-From-Home”

Chabad logo

Chabad at TCNJ is a student group aimed at helping the campus community. Based on Jewish values and traditions, Chabad provides programming and support with the hope that students will learn to have a happier and more meaningful life.

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Gospel United Ministries

Gospel United Ministries logo

Established in 1972 at The College of New Jersey, the Gospel United Ministries operates as a faith-based organization, using students’ gifts and talents in the arts, leadership, and community service to serve God, spread love to others, and uplift the campus and surrounding communities.

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Hillel/Jewish Student Union of TCNJ

Hillel/Jewish Student Union of TCNJ logo

Hillel at TCNJ seeks to be a bridge for Jewish life so that students can maintain their Jewish identity before, during, and after college.

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NJ Christian Fellowship

NJ Christian Fellowship logo

We are a Christian Fellowship student organization based at TCNJ.

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Protestant Bible Fellowship

Protestant Bible Fellowship logo

At Protestant Bible Fellowship we believe that the core truths of Christianity, as affirmed in the early creeds and reaffirmed in the confessions of the protestant reformation, define and unite us more deeply than any particular denominational distinctive. As such we guard our unity on essentials while maintaining a loving acceptance of others’ views on less essential matters.

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Voice of Hope: Christian A Capella

Voice of Hope logo

Voice of Hope, or VoH, is a Christian A Cappella group made up of students at The College of New Jersey. It is also the first A Capella group established at TCNJ.

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Professional & Academic Organizations

Educators 4 Equity

Educators 4 Equity offers future educators opportunities in classroom readiness, workshops, in-school experience, and classroom-drives.

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Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students


The Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students (MAPS) is the undergraduate branch of the Student National Medical Association (SNMA). As a chapter at TCNJ, we seek to provide guidance and community to underrepresented minority students who are pursuing careers in medicine. Our ultimate goal is to achieve that of SNMA’s: to create clinically excellent, culturally competent, and socially conscious physicians.


Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers logo

Changing lives by empowering the Hispanic community to realize its fullest potential and to impact the world through STEM awareness, access, support, and development.

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Students for Prison Education and Reform


SPEAR is an student-based advocacy group that meets to discuss issues facing the current prison system in the United States.

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TCNJ DIGIT.all logo

DIGIT.all (Diversity & Inclusion Group In Tech for All) is committed to making the tech community a space that is welcome to all. By providing the TCNJ community with accessible workshops and a space for guest speakers and peers alike to discuss their experiences in and around tech and tech culture, DIGIT.all seeks to promote diversity, inclusion, allyship, and awareness in STEM.

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Girl Gains


Our mission is to promote female weightlifting and empower female-identifying students to feel strong and independent in a judgment-free community. Whether you’re a dedicated gym goer or a curious beginner, Girl Gains is a college campus-originated organization and an evolving online community here to support you in every stage of your fitness. Girl Gains is a community of uplifting students here for one another. We will have group workout sessions, bonding activities, and certified speakers on informational topics when it comes to a healthy gym lifestyle.

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Girls Who Code

The purpose of The Girls Who Code College Loop is to focus on elevating the computer skills of women on campus in a supportive, fun and engaging environment through general body meetings, workshops, and events that anyone can join.

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Her Campus

Her Campus logo

Her Campus TCNJ, a branch of, is an online magazine for the college women of TCNJ with features on Campus News, Events, Profiles, Polls, and even Campus Cuties!

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Planned Parenthood Generation Action

A organization dedicated to educating those about sexual health, reproductive right and more.

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She’s the First

She’s the First logo

She’s the First is a not-for-profit (founded by TCNJ alum Tammy Tibbetts!) that sponsors girls’ education in low-income countries, helping them be the first in their families to graduate.

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Society of Women Engineers

SWE logo

Our mission is to stimulate women to achieve their full potential in careers as engineers and leaders, expand the image of the engineering profession as a positive force in improving the quality of life, and demonstrate the value of diversity.

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To Write Love on Her Arms

To Write Love on Her Arms logo

To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest directly in treatment and recovery.

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TCNJ’s WGSS Academic Honor Society


Women Engineers in Computer and Electrical Engineering

We are Women Engineers in Computer and Electrical Engineering (WE-CEE). We are committed to providing a welcoming environment for women in computer and electrical engineering to bond and have a support network. WE-CEE provides it’s participants with professional development activities, alumni connections, technical seminars, and bonding opportunities.

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Women in Business

WIB logo

Women in Business strives to promote the success of our members in the workplace and throughout their college experience. We share our tips, advice, and personal experiences so that our members succeed professionally and in their daily lives.

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Women in Computer Science

WICS logo

This group began as an initiative to bring together the female members of the Computer Science community at TCNJ and anyone else with a genuine interest in computing and science

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Women in Learning & Leadership (WILL)

Will logo

WILL is a curricular and co-curricular, certificate-bearing program designed to provide leadership experience, encouragement, and opportunity to develop critical and analytical skills.

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Women’s Center

Women’s Center logo

The Women’s Center is an umbrella organization that encompasses Women in Learning and Leadership, TRIOTA, Girls Who Code, Ignite, and Planted Parenthood Generation Action. We work to support and empower women- identifying students & advance efforts for gender equity.

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For additional information, please consult the official TCNJ Roar app.